AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

MI Reunion 2nd OPS 2023: Meet and Greet


In the last week of August, about 100 military of the former Field Station Augsburg, together with family members, travelled to Augsburg. The reason was not only the annual reunion of this military intelligence unit, once located at Gablingen, but also the 25th anniversary of the Augsburg U.S. troops base closure. They wanted to light a beacon of closeness and appreciation of their former garrison.

On August 23, 2023 the Amerika in Augsburg e.V. society complied with the wish of the veterans to have a meet and greet meal. The only still available location was Bldg 116, Sheridan Kaserne, as there were, besides the same number of relatives, also guests from Augsburg’s society invited. In one of the bays, bench and table sets for 150 persons were put up, plus a buffet with Bavarian dishes, salads and home-baked pies. The beautiful summer weather allowed even an open air catering. The highlight was the two typical American cakes with motif adornments. Of course a cool beer from the Swabian countryside was also available. AiA was supported by the American Car Friends Augsburg e.V. society.

The evening event was enriched by a loud demonstration of black powder marksmen from regional societies, a country singer and speeches of local politicians of the Federal State Parliament and the Bundestag, e.g. Volker Ullrich, Johannes Hintersberger and Fabian Mehring. They all emphasized the current importance of the German-American closeness in the context of the NATO treaty. Organizers of the event were AiA and MI-veteran Michael Leary, who had meticulously planned the course of the reunion. Also in on it was a small reunion-group of the former HHB 1/36th Field Artillery.



Volker Ullrich, MdB (l) and Johannes Hintersberger (r) welcome the American guests from the Field Station Augsburg.



                      Wolfgang Poeppel, Amerika in Augsburg, welcomes on behalf of the society.



Group photo of various attendees. Foreground middle: Fabian Mehring, Volker Ullrich and Johannes Hintersberger, surrounded by society members.



                                                              Preparing and serving meals.



Inside as well as outside, the guests could enjoy Bavarian delicacies and converse while having a well-chilled regional beer.



                                     Mike Leary had the privilege to cut the anniversary cakes



                                         Tasting tests by Mike Leary (l) and Vic McFadden (r). 



                          ASA, INSCOM and Wullenweber antenna close to Augsburg’s pine cone.



Left: Vic McFadden donated his former battle dress uniform to the Neues Amerika Haus. Right: A stein as a present.



The final evening: Great farewell dinner at Hasenbräuhaus Kälberhalle. The veterans’ Bill Kay is signaling: It’s over! Next year in Kentucky!