AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

MI Reunion-Town Hall Reception 2023


On August 25, 2023 far more than 100 reunion-attendees from the USA and numerous guests of honor came together for a townhall-reception of the City of Augsburg. As suggested by the Amerika in Augsburg e.V. society, Mrs. Lord Mayor Eva Weber invited the former Field Station Augsburg military to a festive reception in the gorgeous Golden Hall. As a perfect reason, the 25th anniversary of the Augsburg U.S. base closure was the center of attention.

Greetings consisted of thoughtful words by Lord Mayor Eva Weber, Consul General Tim Liston, reunion organizer and MI-veteran Mike Leary as well as Amerika in Augsburg e.V. society’s Georg Feuerer. Leary thanked the City for her impressive invitation in the Golden Hall and emphasized how much the ex-servicemen like to return to Augsburg time and time again. They derive pleasure from the city as their second home town, because the heart of the city has remained the same, even without the kasernes.



Big group photo in front of the eastern elevation of the town hall. COL Bembenek from Wiesbaden arrived with a small delegation already on the day before the Plärrer fair parade.

                                         Lord Mayor Eva Weber’s opening words for the City.



                                Consul General Timothy Liston welcomes the arrived veterans.



Veteran Mike Leary and Georg Feuerer, Amerika in Augsburg e.V. society (r), are speaking pleasing words in regard to the German-American friendship in Augsburg.



     A dialogue between Consul General Liston and Lord Mayor Weber at the side of the Golden Hall.



                                        After the welcome speeches: small talking guests.



                  Wolfgang Poeppel, Amerika in Augsburg e.V. society, with international contacts.



Left: Lord Mayor Weber and veteran McFadden in harmony between the USA and Augsburg. Right: COL Bembenek (front middle) with her 66th MI vanguard.