AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

Plärrer Fair Parade 2023


This year’s parade was carried out collectively with the 2nd OPS Field Station Veterans-Reunion. Due to the 25th anniversary of the Augsburg base closure, they had their annual reunion with more than 100 attendees willful in the Fugger-town. More than 40 soldiers of the 66th Military Intelligence Brigade, led By Colonel Christina Bembenek, came from Wiesbaden.

Although the weather forecast was extremely poor, the weather God showed nevertheless his most beautiful side at least during the whole parade. A little refreshment bar with Butterbrezen was prepared at the Hotel Maximilian’s (former Drei Mohren), where male and female soldiers also could get changed. During the parade course, the Augsburg public showed the American guests its already traditional enthusiasm.

The visit at the beer tent with the obligatory chicken and the Maß beer was later however disturbed by a violent thunderstorm. Only shortly before, COL Bembenek had conducted a lively piece of music. When entering the stage, a short memorial with a trumpet solo was played.



                         The raising of the Wiesbaden delegation in front of the Hotel Maximilian’s.



Left: Georg Feuerer from AiA is greeted by Lord Mayor Eva Weber at the raising area. TSG-president Herbert Hafner was also there (r). Right: Snacks and cool refreshments for the Wiesbaden delegation in the hotel lobby.

Reunion-veterans and active MI Soldiers in front of the Herkules fountain for a joint remembrance picture.


The former soldiers of the Field Station felt welcome in Augsburg and marched the complete parade route - regardless of their advanced age.



Surrounded by the historical city backdrop, COL Bembenek’s delegation marched to the Plärrer fair ground.



COL Bembenek and Vic McFadden are interviewed by an a.tv reporter on the side of the road. (Photos: a.tv screenshots)



With waving colors and loud cadence singing, the Americans are demonstrating their presence to Augsburg’s citizens.



Left: A Bundeswehr reserve delegation led the military component of the parade.

Right: Furling the US colors in front of the beer tent.



A good atmosphere spread through Wiesbaden’s MI group, COL Bembenek and Karl-Heinz Fischer of the Bundeswehr paratroopers (above middle.)



                            Consul General Liston with OB Weber, visiting Wiesbaden ‘s MI Group.



                        COL Bembenek masterly and tactfully conducting a lively piece of music.



Photo: Official poster

Photos: Amerika in Augsburg e.V.

Translation: Heinz Strüber