AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

Plärrer Fair Parade 2018


It was to become a great show: Not only the by now traditional delegation from the 66th Military Intelligence Brigade Wiesbaden, but also - only this time - the about 50 MI veterans with their retinue wanted to pay their homage to Augsburg’s population. Within the context of the Field Station Reunion it was their major concern to express regards and esteem to their former garrison city. Augsburg’s last and still active U.S. intelligence unit, the 66th MI BDE from Wiesbaden, had come to Augsburg with 50 soldiers, male and female, under their new commander, COL Gregory L. Holden.

Together with the City of Augsburg, Amerika in Augsburg e.V. organized the participation of both groups. The AiA society made up the trio with two historic military vehicles. Specially manufactured T-shirts with the American and the German flag plus the Augsburg pine cone made the identification of the numerous reunion attendees pretty easy.

When the parade started on time, a definitely unwanted heavy shower troubled the mood of the participants considerably, but not completely. However it was a disaster for the photographers. Quite soaked, the active as well as the retired intelligence units reached the saving Bierzelt, where beer, grilled chicken and traditional brass-band music supported entertaining encounters. Members of the Bundeswehr Reservistenverband Augsburg were integrated.


The 66th MI delegation from Wiesbaden posing for the photographers in front of the Herculesbrunnen in Maximilianstraße.


                         All together: 66th MI, Field Station veterans and Bundeswehr reservists


Left: COL Holden (66th MI) talking with reunion organizer Vic McFadden. Right: Georg Feuerer, Amerika in Augsburg e.V., is decorating COL Holden with an Augsburg pin.


Left: McFadden slips a Field Station (701st Military Intelligence Brigade) coin into COL Holden’s hand. Right: Field Station Augsburg signets.


The T-shirts distinguished the veterans clearly from the BDU wearing active unit. In many years, a Plärrer fair parade had not been attended by more than 100 US Americans.

                  Road bend at Kennedy-Platz. Color Guard with white gloves and light blue scarfs.


Left: The delegation from Wiesbaden at the Gesundbrunnen. Right: Dreary rain atmosphere at the Moritzplatz. Nevertheless an unusual amount of spectators lined the roadsides.


                                The AiA truck on the road and entering the Plärrer fair grounds.


                                Always a sovereign act: Furling the flags in front of the Bierzelt.


The beer tasted good - a welcome change in the everyday life of the soldiers from Wiesbaden. Right: Colonel Holden.

                Photo shooting of the band (left) and the tables of the Bundeswehr reservists (right).


Left: A ninety-nine-year-old veteran of the Royal Bavarian Cavalry (Chevaulegers) in an intensive chat with a U.S. veteran from the 1950s who stayed in Augsburg. Right: A photo that one can’t take every day: two different arms of the services from very different times, and daddy is there too.


A great moment: The band leader gets soaked Vic McFadden on stage to conduct a Bavarian piece of music.


                                                                  McFadden at his best!


     Merry-making and dancing – the Americans felt like in those days, during their time in Augsburg.


The organizers round the Plärrer fair parade: From left: Andreas Schlachta (general organization) wearing a reunion T-shirt present, Vic McFadden (FSA Reunion) and Georg Feuerer, Amerika in Augsburg e.V.