AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

Erasmus Visit „Atoms for Europe“


On February 25, 2014, twenty exchange students of the EU university program Erasmus visited the premises of Amerika in Augsburg. e.V. The acronym Erasmus is intended to remind of the humanist of the same name, Erasmus of Rotterdam, and stands for lifelong learning within this EU program. This initiative was founded on June 15, 1987, by resolution 87/327/EWG, and means also EuRopean Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students. 

Students from Austria, Hungary, Italy, France, Bulgaria and other European countries were attending a seminar about “Atoms for Europe”. In addition to its civilian aspects, Amerika in Augsburg e.V. provided an outline of the military situation during the Cold War in Augsburg / Swabia. 

Lecturers Rick Cervenka, MAJ U.S. Army (Ret.), and Thomas Dollrieß, ex Bundeswehr, have the appropriate knowledge due to their time in the armed forces. They presented an experienced insight in regard to former nuclear depots in the area as well as to details of nuclear carrying systems and ammunitions during the global Arms Race to the guests. 

Amerika in Augsburg e.V. is regarding this meeting as a small but remarkable contribution to the peaceful European integration, especially against the serious background of recent history. The visit was proposed and organizationally accompanied by the University of Augsburg.


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  Thomas Dollrieß explained especially the nuclear installations in Swabia at the time of the Cold War.


Rick Cervenka explained the different nuclear weapon systems and ammunition types in a very entertaining way. American popcorn was served on a REO truck´s open cargo area.


                                                        Farewell photo with international salute.