AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

Monument Day 2013


Monument Day 2013 >Day of the Open Monument<, this year also called >Day of the Awkward Monument<. One of these is Building 116, Sheridan Kaserne, in April 1944, during the building’s NS history, altered to a camp for the hard labor crews of the Messerschmitt Aircraft Plant in Haunstetten, after, during the days before, American air raids had destroyed major structures of plant, airfield and nearby hard labor camp. One year later, U.S. forces terminated the NS dictatorship and utilized the building for more than half a century as a component of the NATO treaty that is including the Federal Republic of Germany. 

Amerika in Augsburg e.V. opened its premises in Bldg 116, so that numerous visitors could have a look at the society’s activities. At the same time, the University of Augsburg showed their exhibition of the U.S. presence, the “American Life in Augsburg” project, that had been already shown a year before at the Stadtbücherei Augsburg. 

September 8, 2013


Above: All day long, interested visitors had a close look at the historical documentation of the society. Visitors consisted of all kinds of people – former LN employees of the U.S. Forces, neighbors of the former kasernes, persons whose parents had U.S. connections, former contractors of the Army, business beneficiaries, culture and society insiders, admin staff, but also people that were searching their father. Last but not least, the young generation’s interest in recent history became evident as scholars and students are writing about American themes in historical contexts. Also, Americans showed up who had stayed in Augsburg after their tour(s) of duty.


Stationed in Augsburg in 1958: U.S. Veteran Guenther Schwanbeck (left), talking with AiA member Rick Cervenka, also of the American Legion Augsburg, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Post GR 13. The former GI donated his complete outfit, including uniform and kitbag, to the society.


Prof. Philipp Gassert (University of Augsburg) and AiA chairman Georg Feuerer during their university exhibition tour in Bldg 116. 

Translation: Heinz Strüber