AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

Plärrer Fair Parade 2013


For the first time since eight years, the Plärrer Fair Parade took place without the participation of active U.S. soldiers. Commanding Officer COL Kenneth Rector of the 66th MI Brigade Wiesbaden explained the reason in a letter to Augsburg’s Lord Mayor, nevertheless thanking him expressively for the invitation. The present U.S. consul general William E. Moeller from Munich, who attended the parade with his wife at the invitation of the City of Augsburg, made a prominent compensation. Also remarkable was the participation of several U.S. veterans of the Augsburg American Legion Dwight D. Eisenhower, led with brilliance by MAJ (Ret.) Rick Cervenka - carrying the colors. 

Amerika in Augsburg e.V. Society and friends again presented historical U.S. Army vehicles. For the first time, a delegation of the Bundeswehr Reservistenverband Schwaben-Mitte was following the AiA group, enjoying the beautiful weather.



Waiting for the start-up: Consul general William E. Moeller (wearing the typical Bavarian Lederhosen) with his wife next to Ordnungsreferent Volker Ullrich (blue jacket) and city councilor Leo Dietz (far right).


   Time and again a pleasure to the eye: the imposing ten-horse carriage of Augsburg’s Hasen-Bräu. 


The Bavarian minister-president Horst Seehofer with his wife (right) in the open carriage of lord mayor Kurt Gribl with his partner (left).


               Consul general Moeller (right) enjoys the atmosphere of the parade; left Volker Ullrich.


Left: Consul general Moeller and his wife are visibly impressed by Augsburg. Right: Rick Cervenka of the American Legion Augsburg getting an overall view.


The colors up front: Rick Cervenka from Brookfield, Illinois, transmitting with charm and expressive body language his connection to his second home town Augsburg.


Historical military vehicles remind about the more than 50 years of U.S. Forces presence in Augsburg.


Left: U.S. Army veterans who stayed in Augsburg, enjoying their retirement. Right: Bundeswehr reserve from Augsburg and Schwaben Mitte, attending for the first time.


                                        A short stop at the VIP stand with presentation of the groups.


                   Both are definitely thirsty: The U.S. truck and the black carthorses of the Thorbräu.


            Refreshments and conversations over Augsburg beer, roast chicken and even Coca Cola.


           A profound discussion with a curious result: Bundeswehr and U.S. Army are swapping caps.

All photos: Amerika in Augsburg e.V.