AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

A Visitor from Dayton


On Dec 05, 2012, Prof. Dennis M. Doyle from Dayton University visited at Amerika in Augsburg e.V. Society. Prof. Doyle, who is staying in Augsburg due to a guest chair at the University of Augsburg, wanted to have a look at Bldg 116, Sheridan Kaserne, in connection with the University’s exposition project “American Life in Augsburg”. During the finissage of the exposition on Nov 20, 2012, he heard about the intended use of the building as a museum, featuring the WW II as well as the post WW II history (Forced Labor Camp, 50 years of U.S. presence in Augsburg). AiA members Dollrieß, Ittner and Lohrmann explained on site the history of the kaserne. 

As Mr. Ittner already had been at the University of Dayton in former years, he could refresh mutual memories with Prof. Doyle. As Dayton is a partner city of Augsburg, the University of Dayton has close relations with the University of Augsburg. It is a private catholic educational establishment with more than 9,000 students that was founded in 1850. Prof. Doyle is lecturing theology there.


                                       Thomas Dollrieß (right) explaining details to Prof. Doyle (left).


An unusual event of the Dayton-Augsburg partnership in Bldg 116: A little musical intermezzo by Prof. Doyle (harmonica) and Thomas Dollrieß (drums). Left: Sepp Ittner.


                        In front of the doors of Bldg 116: From left: Mr. Dollrieß, Prof. Doyle, Mr. Ittner.


     Building 116 during the utilization by the U.S. Army in 1953 (left), and after base closure in 1998.