AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

Working for the U.S. Army - Photos

The taking of pictures was severely restricted. Nevertheless once and again, recollection photos were taken in the kasernes, showing soldiers as well as civilians / local nationals. We can see scenes of everyday life as well as of official activities of the military employer. As these activities were very versatile, only a few exemplary pictures can be shown. Although a U.S. Army job for a German seemed, at first sight, not to be much different from a civilian job on the German economy, there were many distinctions: It was not only working for a foreign government, but also being restricted by all kinds of military regulations, peculiarities, and -last but not least - the required ability to communicate in a foreign language.


  The first jobs under American direction: Augsburg LNs working for the Military Government (1946.)


                                                            Kaserne Barber Shop (1950s).



A German-American work team around 1950, posing for the photographer. A few years after the end of the war, such occurrences in the kasernes were almost normality (Photo: private).



Pleasant get-togethers like this made a significant contribution to the cooperation of the former enemies, here around 1950 (Photo: private).



         Left: Warehouse workers at Quartermaster. Right: Kitchen aid at Gablingen Kaserne (1960s).


                             Kitchen personnel in the new Snack Bar at Gablingen Kaserne (1960s).


                                                Motor pool workers at Reese Barracks (1976).



                                     Retirement farewell to a long time Laundry employee (1980).



                                              Morning sports at Quartermaster Kaserne (1980s).



                                                       German-American team, Commissary.



                                                                   A cool after work beer.



                                               German driver, German truck, American freight.



German fireman working for the U.S. Army: Gablingen (1980s). American equipment and protective clothing.


                   The Directorate of Engineering & Housing (DEH), Reese Barracks (around 1980).


                                     Awards for employees of the Laundry, Reese Barracks (1987).


There were also LN supervisor jobs within the U.S. Army in Augsburg (DEH, Reese Barracks)(1992).


                                                 Public Affairs office, Sheridan Kaserne (1992).



                            Heating plant Bldg. 38, Reese Barracks - a warm place to work. (1993).



                                                        Scullery, Sheridan Mess Hall (1994).



Strenuous commitment is required to repair a burst underground pipe at Dawson Field, Sheridan Kaserne, in spring of 1995.


             1998: Mission accomplished. The political scene has changed. The jobs are abandoned.


USAREUR Pam 690-80-G for supervisors: How to work with LN civilian personnel. 70 pages for conflict-free employer-employee relations (1979).

(Photos resp. copies from various sources, AiA archives)