AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

University-Interview: U.S. Veterans


On April 28, 2011, three veterans of the 3rd Infantry Division – the unit that took part in the liberation of Augsburg in April 1945 – visited at Augsburg. As part of an oral-history project for the research into the U.S. Forces’ presence in Augsburg, three students of the University of Augsburg’s Lehrstuhl für transatlantische Kulturgeschichte (Chair of Transatlantic Cultural History) had the chance to talk with the veterans about their experiences during their time in Germany, Bavaria and Augsburg.

In spite of their long journey, and the dense program of their visit, former U.S. soldiers Bob Dutil, John Keller and John Miller found the time for an interview und showed great interest in the research. In the evening, the interviewers of the university, the veterans, their tour organizer, and members of Amerika in Augsburg e.V., gathered in the conference room of Hotel Alpenhof. After they got acquainted, the veterans were extremely talkative and gave interesting insights into their life and their time as young soldiers in Germany. 

Their open attitude towards the people of Augsburg – now and then – as well as their contentment in regard to the positive development of Germany since 1945 could be comprehended quite well due to their eager recollection and numerous anecdotes, so that the interview became a unique experience for those present.

We would like to thank the veterans very much for their friendly readiness for the interview, and especially Monika Stoy who had organized the visit of the veterans. Special thanks to Amerika in Augsburg e.V. society, especially 1st chairman Georg Feuerer, for the kind invitation and the chance for the interview. 

(Text: Students of the University of Augsburg)

(Please note: This interview was recorded digitally, its 11-page transcription is subject to the scientific utilization by the University of Augsburg. A copy has been handed out to Amerika in Augsburg e.V. society).


                                      Photography: Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, April 29, 2011.


                                         An extraordinary experience for Augsburg’s young citizens.


                                                     Pure history – imparted by the Americans.


                                           Breathing a sigh of relief after the 90-minute interview.


                                                   Concluding remarks and thanks: Monika Stoy.


                                             A fare well photography after an eventful, long day.


Translation: Heinz Strüber, Jan 23, 2012