AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

Plärrer Fair Parade 2011


As road construction sites and holiday traffic had balked the timely participation of the 66th Military Intelligence Brigade last year, the U.S. soldiers attended this year not only punctually but also with an extraordinary numerous delegation – male as well as female. Brigade Commander COL Gregory Zellmer and Command Sergeant Major Marc A. Scott of the 24th Military Intelligence Battalion highlighted the parade for the first time with a unit consisting of 55 personnel, including a Color Guard in honor of Augsburg. 

Invited by the Lord Mayor of Augsburg, Dr. Kurt Gribl, and the America in Augsburg e.V. Society, soldiers of the Military Intelligence unit that had been stationed here and in Gablingen, did once again join the traditional Autumn Plärrer Fair Parade. Together with several privately owned historical Army vehicles, the soldiers, clad in camouflage combat uniform, the Color Guard in the blue Service Uniform, marched from St. Ulrich Cathedral to the Fair Area – alas in the rain. For many Augsburgers, the cadence caller brought back memories of the 53-year U.S. presence. Especially gratifying was the first time attendance of some of the remaining veterans of the American Legion Augsburg Post GR 13. 

While the guests savored hearty Bavarian food and beverages during the following visit at a Bierzelt, a lot of spontaneous warm scenes showed the mutual German-American understanding.

Before the departure, Col Zellmer thanked for the hospitality that was shown him and his delegation in Augsburg. AiA Chairman Georg Feuerer expressed his joy in regard to the American delegation’s engagement, in spite of a long and tedious day’s journey because of Augsburg.


                           Recollection photo in the city hall’s Golden Hall (a part of he delegation).


Welcome at Maximilianstraße: Lord Mayor Dr. Kurt Gribl talking with COL Gregory Zellmer 

(Photo: Markus Papak).


                  The parade begins. In the background: Hercules Fountain and St. Ulrich Cathedral.


Left: U.S. soldiers back in Augsburg; Karolinenstraße with Perlach tower.

Right: Color Guard clad in blue Service Uniform.


                         Cadence singer PFC Hutchko in action; old-timer jeeps in the background.


Left: Typical traditional Bavarian musicians marching in front of the U.S. delegation

Right: Oblivious of the rain, Augsburgers were forming a lane.


                                                             Bavarian-American Gemütlichkeit.


                CSM Scott and Specialist Fennell with attractive “native Germanic” girls from Diedorf.


              Royal Bavarian Light Cavalry (Chevau-léger) visiting at COL Zellmer and Georg Feurer.


Left: Historical ambulance of the forties.

Right: COL Zellmer’s farewell to the Amerika in Augsburg e.V. Society.