AIA Project 2006
Plärrer Fair Parade
Location Augsburg

Plärrer Fair Parade 2007


Already for the third time, America in Augsburg e.V. organized the participation of
American soldiers in the traditional Plärrer Fair Parade. This is intended to remind the citizens of Augsburg of the extended presence of U.S.Army troops in the City of the Fuggers. This time, a delegation of 20 soldiers - male and female – of the 66th Military Intelligence Group from Darmstadt, led by LTC Ivory Freeman, could be won to carry the colors of the U.S.A., Germany and their own unit. 66th MI was the last unit to serve in Augsburg.

Former mayor Theo Gandenheimer, representing the City of Augsburg, took care of the visitors. Special guest was U.S. veteran Staff Sergeant Clifford Briggs, 80 years of age, who was stationed in Augsburg as early as 1946. He was honored with some extra pieces of music by the Augsburg „Chevau-léger (king's light cavalry) Society“ and the traditional drums and fifes „Spielmannszug Augsburg“ in one of the Plärrer's festival tents. Besides a visit of the town hall's Golden Hall, there was a Bavarian Weißwurst break in an inn close to the Königsplatz, before the troop filed for the parade. There the guests were greeted by Lord Mayor Dr. Paul Wengert and wife.

The Color Parade of the U.S. soldiers was accompanied by a U.S. truck, owned by a
member of America in Augsburg e.V., the military historians „Living History Society“ from Erding as well as the „Military Oldtimer Friends“ from Zusamtal with their jeeps and other U.S. military vehicles.