Society founding speech
Location Augsburg



Our society’s intent is the documentation of stories and histories of the 50-year presence of U.S. troops and their dependents in Augsburg as well as those of the contemporary “Augsburgers” - townsmen and townswomen - in order to enable the next generation to experience what actually happenend then.

By having a critical look at Augsburg’s recent history, we contribute in an important way to the city’s history and thus support the work of official institutions.

We also would like to resume subjective childhood experiences, make family histories come alive and preserve the original locations for those US citizens and their dependents who were once stationed there.

With the help of their personal experience, Germans and Americans alike shall complete the historical picture and show how, by mutual acquaintances, an occupant nation became an allied one.

Therefore, one aspect of our work is to display the “American way of life”, its influence on Augsburg and its society, and to allow to experience it through all kinds of activities.

This way, history can be made interesting for future generations. By virtue of a a better understanding of political and social conditions, also a contribution to the peaceful cooperation of nations can be achieved.

To reach this goal, we collect manifold materials and documents of the post-war era and evaluate them. We search for and interview contemporaries, examine differing aspects of that time in exhibitions and presentations and, last but not least, actively work on the realization of a museum.